Dental Cleanings

Teeth Cleanings in Fanwood, NJ

Your at-home care, including daily brushing and flossing, is essential, but these habits may not be enough to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. By simply visiting South Ave Family Dentistry twice a year for professional dental cleanings, you can possibly save yourself pain, costly treatment, and an unattractive smile.

Early intervention and regular cleanings allow our team to remove debris, plaque, and tartar from your teeth and gums, helping you maintain gum health, prevent decay, and avoid more invasive treatments. Let our team help protect your mouth with professional cleanings that leave your mouth thoroughly sanitized. Furthermore, Dr. Xiao uses these visits as an opportunity to examine your mouth for signs of current or developing problems and to screen for oral cancer.

Smiling man in a dental chair.

If it has been six months or more since your last cleaning, or if you’re experiencing any dental issues, then it’s time to come in. Please call South Ave Family Dentistry at (908) 889-2020 now to set up your appointment or book it yourself at the link below.