Extractions and Bone Grafts

Oral Surgery in Fanwood, NJ

Dr. Xiao believes in providing conservative treatment whenever possible. However, there are times when a tooth may threaten your oral health. In these instances, South Ave Family Dentistry offers comprehensive care in the form of tooth extractions.

You can rest assured that you’ll receive quality care with genuine concern for your well-being. We are also sure to keep you comfortable and provide aftercare. We have several options to best fulfill your needs if you need tooth replacement.

Dentist comforting a patient before oral surgery.

Bone Grafting

Tooth loss can lead to bone loss over time. In addition, bone loss can hinder dental implant placement, as you need sufficient bone integrity for implants to anchor in place securely. But bone loss does not necessarily disqualify you from receiving dental implants.

Bone grafting can help restore bone height so that you can receive dental implants. Dr. Xiao provides this treatment so patients can achieve a beautiful and functional smile.

Potential bone grafting is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, so please contact South Ave Family Dentistry at (908) 889-2020 now to schedule your consultation or use the scheduling link below.