Dental Fillings

Metal-Free Dental Fillings in Fanwood, NJ

Dental fillings are possibly the most common therapeutic procedures done in a general dental office and most familiar to our patients. During a dental filling procedure, a tooth-colored material is chosen to restore a relatively small defect or cavity of a tooth. The defect can be caused by decay, grinding and wearing, or accidental fracture. When not taken care of, this defect can worsen and result in pain, infection, or loss of more tooth structure, which will necessitate significantly more complex and expensive treatments. However, by getting fillings done right away, you can quickly return to your normal life and prevent them from enlarging and threatening the health of your teeth or even your body.

At South Ave Family Dentistry, our team is dedicated to treating every patient with gentleness and personalized care. Our goal is to take care of your oral health BEFORE you develop symptoms. We would be happy to use our intraoral camera to show you exactly what we see, so together we can make good decisions for you and your family. We are always happy to answer any questions and work together towards your dental goals. Furthermore, we can ensure that your cavity is handled with skill, respect, and a gentle touch.

Tooth colored fillings in our Fanwood office.

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